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Angono Christian School, Inc.

is a mission school of Angono United Methodist Church for school children of both the church and the community. It is a Christian learning center dedicated to serve children ages 3-16 years in the development of their highest potential towards godly and responsible citizenship.

ACSI firmly believes that every child is God’s masterpiece, a heritage from God, who should be reared faithfully in love according to His mandate and divine blueprint.

1. ACSI envisions God loving, well-rounded servant leaders and responsible citizens of our country.

2. ACSI is committed to provide its learners an education that is Christian in character, holistic in approach and responsive to the dynamic needs of our society.

We believe that……

- The child is the center of all our educational undertakings.
- Every child is different and is created in God’s own image.
- Every child is God’s special project and gift to us.
- Every child is a well of potentials and possibilities.
- Every child is SMART in many ways.
- The role of the home, particularly the parents and the significant others in the life of the child to instill values at home;
- The role of the school in interactive and hands on learning process that fosters independence, sense of responsibility, self-discovery and genuine love for knowledge.
- We believe that all learning should be used responsibly in order to be productive and enable one to solve problems, complete tasks and cope with the situations.

ACSI aims for every child’s total growth development through a balanced program of education. This is realized as the child is helped…

- in maintaining good health and safety habits;

- in living together in the spirit of caring, giving and sharing;
- in gaining independence;
- in developing self control sense of responsibility and patriotism.;

- in experiencing and knowing God’s love through Christ and His creations;
- in developing his Christian values and habits;
- in developing their love and ability to pray and to study the Bible;

- in problem solving;
- in making sound choices and decisions;
- in developing their skills in both oral and written communications;
- in developing their love and desire for knowledge and wisdom;

- in making fair and good decisions;
- in having strong sense of social concern and responsibility;
- in accepting and appreciating people of other races, cultures including people of other religions and socio economic status;

- in expressing self-creativity;
- in appreciation of and involvement in arts and craft;


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